BNU Bestival 2014, an annual event by Beaconhouse National University Lahore, This event gives a platform to students for showing their work, abilities, learning and gaining experience. This event lasted for 4 days (from 27th February till 2nd March) and was the biggest and most successful one of all, 
As they say "Every one of us has individual powers, and differing interests. Upon collaboration we can make a difference."
Many other colleges/universities took part in the Bestival 2014 like University of Central Punjab (UCP), Punjab University College of Art And Design (PUCAD), University of Lahore (UOL). Institute of Art, Design & Management (IADM), National College of Arts (NCA) this year,
the competitions included: • Arm Wrestling • Art of Motion • Battle of the Bands • Creative Writing • Debates • Dramatics • Fashion • Futsal • Gaming • Individual Singing • Journalism • Photography • Ramp Jewelry • Short Film • Stand-Up Comedy • Table Tennis • Thematic Art.
Here are some photos from the Fashion Show at BNU Bestival 2014

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