Artfolio: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Jimmy Khan: It’s currently very complicated. Let’s not get into me.  :) 

Artfolio: Who or what inspired you to start singing?
Jimmy Khan: Initially John Denver. Then I got a little naughty. Post that I fell in love and music started pouring.

Artfolio: Who are your favourit artists and why?
Jimmy Khan: Can’t speak of one but for now I’m revisiting Fleetwood Mac. ’They’re teaching me how to write class’.

Artfolio: Tell us something about your song "nadiya"
Jimmy Khan: Nadiya came to me on one of those intensely lonely nights.
Though destroyed by love oss somewhere lingered relief.
Found a character more messed up at the time to produce the song. It worked!

Artfolio: Whats the best thing anyone has ever said about your work?
Jimmy Khan: Thank you for making the music you do.

Artfolio: How do you spend your sundays?
Jimmy Khan: In the winter sun with Keenus and kaala namak.

Artfolio: What’s something very few people know about you?
Jimmy Khan: That everything about me is proportionate to my Ears. 

Artfolio: What is your favourit TV Show?
Jimmy Khan: It has to be Sopranos.

Artfolio: What makes you angry?
Jimmy Khan: The low quality content on television.

Artfolio: Professionally, what are your goals?
Jimmy Khan: To master the world of art and commerce.

About Jimmy Khan
Hassan Jamil Khan, also known as Jimmy Khan, is one of Pakistan’s most exciting young musicians to emerge in 2011 in the mainstream media. A post-graduate from Beaconhouse National University, Jimmy started his music career performing at his school events for fellow students and faculty members. In 2005, Jimmy formed a ballad and funk lead band, Tansen, in which he was lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist which also staged a performance to a 400 strong audience at popular Lahore arts venue, Alhamra, for the handicapped and disabled in 2006.

The year 2006 witnessed Jimmy’s musical progression as he opened concerts for Pakistani music giants Noori and EP at a Levi’s sponsored event and for music sensation Atif Aslam the same year. He has performed at venues such as the Alhamra Open Air Theatre and the Kinnaird College auditorium to audiences of over two thousand. In 2007, the influential Beaconhouse National University Music Society asked Jimmy to headline a concert on campus, where he staged a solo performance to much acclaim. It was at this event that one of his original English musical compositions, ‘Innocent’, was heard and bought and has since featured in an independent art film, Raastey. He was also one of the vocalists for the aptly titled ‘Cover Band’ which on occasion has been known to featuring music maestros Mekaal Hassan, Louis J. Pinto (Gumby), Farhan Albert, Waqar Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt to name a few.

Since 2009, Jimmy has acquired a residency at Lahore’s Gunsmoke where he performs cover songs and originals live every Friday and Saturday night. With his instrument of choice, an acoustic guitar, this enthusiastic and devoted musician has spent over half a decade in refining his art and musical skills leading him to record, and shoot a video for, his debut single ‘Pehla Pyar’. In April 2011, Khan released ‘Pehla Pyar’ to much acclaim with fans and the press instantly dubbing the song as a feel good, cool and catchy summer favourite. In April 2012, Jimmy Khan has released his second single, ‘Aisay Kaisay’ which was recorded at True Brew Records by Jamal Rahman, who also produced the song, with final mastering at The Lodge - New York. ‘Aisay Kaisay’ features musicians Jamal Rahman on guitars, Sameer Ahmad [of Co-Ven and Mauj] on bass and Kami Paul on live drums.

Essentially a country and blues singer of remarkably sweet and effortless style, Jimmy Khan’s strongest influence comes from R.D Burman, B.B King, The Beatles, Attaullah Isakhelvi, Kailash Kher, J.J Cale, Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Reshma, Mehdi Hasan etc.  Famous for his entertaining live shows and for his powerful vocals Jimmy Khan is a favorite at private parties and corporate shows alike. Few of his most talked about performances are Jimmy Khan Live at Cosa Nostra, The Beatles Tribute at LGS, Annual Ball at Tetra Pak Pakistan, Levis Red Tab Gig at the Lahore Alhamra Auditorium and US Consulate private shows.

Apart from solo performances Jimmy is known to work with multiple musicians in the industry under the title: Jimmy Khan and The Big Ears. Currently he is working on an album that entails his originals (both in English & Urdu) as well as some renditions of songs he has consistently been inspired by.  The current lineup for Jimmy Khan and The Big Years is Sameer Ahmed (Bass, Coven), Zain Ahsan (Ukulele/Guitar, Poor Rich Boy) and Ravail Sattar (Cajon, Poor Rich Boy).The first song from this album is to be released by November, 2013 with much anticipation. 


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