Kérastase Pakistan, the world’s most coveted luxurious hair

care brand, introduced the Kérastase Chronologiste ‘Crème De La Crème’ at an exclusive

brunch in Karachi. The “La Vien Rose” brunch which took place at The Deli, was the ideal

occasion to bring together and introduce the new members of the Council, this year being better

and more fabulous then the last.

The event was specially designed by Kérastase Specialist Esha Mullick. Besides the

breathtaking decor, and spectacular ambience the delectable seven course meal was a treat for

the taste buds. Each plate was a piece of art, carefully crafted by the uber talented chefs at The

Deli. These visually appealing delights were also just as delicious!

The ‘La Vien Rose’ brunch, boasted a fragrance bar, where guests could design their very own

fragrance. A gelato cart serving shades of ‘La Vien Rose’ gelato scoops, live soft jazz music

and a paint bar where guests could paint cards for their valentines which would then be mailed

by Kérastase directly to their Valentines. Also present on the red carpet was larger a than life

Photo frame which resembled a Magazine Cover for very glamorous photo ops.

There was an intimate gathering of L’Oréal employees along with socialites

and select celebrities. The honorable French and German Consular generals were also present

as the VIPs of the party. The Kérastase Chronologiste ‘Crème De La Crème’ flew in from

Lahore to grace the event with their presence. 

The ‘Crème De La Crème’ which boasts of 4 Council Members all of which hail from Lahore,

three were present at the event. Shanzay Sheikh, Fatima Kasuri and Anush Ammar, all dressed

very elegantly in shades of pink. They looked glamorous as they posed for the camera. Also

present at the event Nadia Hussain, Maheen Kardar Ali, Anusheh Shahid, Shamain Farooq and

Sanya Pervez among others.

Kérastase, keeping in line with being the supreme luxury hair brand, hosted this very detailed

and lavish brunch for their guests to give them a luxury Kérastase experience!


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